The Institution of Marriage under Threat

Marriage is not purely a human institution as God Himself is the author of marriages. Get a reality check on the present state of marriages. Why are life long monogamous marriages essential for the well being of the family? What has a stable marriage got to do with the nurturing of emotionally balanced and happy kids?  Is your marital relationship immune from the threats that plague modern day marriages? Is your everyday behaviour slowly but surely draining the passion and life from your marriage?  How do your past experiences and hurts from your family of origin affect your marriage? What can you do to build a stronger and more harmonious marriage?  Come and rediscover the history and philosophy of your marriage and leave your kids with a legacy of your marital love.


The Good Marriage ... YES, there is such a thing !

Is your marriage a case of “and they lived happily ever after”? Do good marriages only exist in fairy tales? Has your negative behaviour adversely affected the intimacy and passion in your marriage?

Even happily married couples get depressed, fight, lose jobs, struggle with financial difficulties, go through crises, deal with sexual and other addiction problems.  CEP will introduce the Choice Theory which advocates that “the only person whose behaviour we can control is our own”.  Find out how to focus on improving  your marriage instead of trying to change your spouse.  Learn the “nine psychological tasks” that a couple must undertake in order to develop a positive and intimate marital relationship. Learn how to achieve work-life harmony in traditional and companionate marriages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CEP provide and how is it different from other couple programmes?
CEP bases its sessions on church documents and encyclicals relating to marriage and family, such as Familiaris Consortio, Humanae Vitae, Redemptor Hominis. These teachings are brought down to earth with the help of testimonies from couples in our community about how they struggle through and overcome issues of modern day marriages, like work-life balance, in-laws and bringing up a Christian family.

CEP teaches life skills developed by modern day psychologists and psychiatrists (eg. John Gottman, William Glasser and Judith Wallerstein) to help couples work towards building an emotionally intelligent marriage.