SESSION 1: The Good Marriage ... YES, there is such a thing!

Is your marriage a case of “and they lived happily ever after”? Do good marriages only exist in fairy tales? Are you aware that happily married couples get depressed, fight, lose jobs, struggle with financial difficulties, crises of infants and teenagers; confront sexual and other addiction problems. Husband/wife can come from broken families, abusive backgrounds or stable families; all marriages are affected by past experiences.

Learn the “nine psychological tasks” that a couple must undertake in order to develop a positive and loving marital relationship.

SESSION 2: Marriages are made in Heaven ... but lived on Earth

The husband and wife may be different in many ways; differences arising from their basic human needs, sexuality, personality, influence of family background. These differences can be a source of division and even fuel a break-up, or these differences can be harnessed to build a strong and lasting marriage. Learn the five basic human needs and how these can affect one’s behavior; husband and wife need to know how they differ in their basic needs and work at a greater harmonization through acceptance and a change of behavior. Understand how male and female sexuality differs and how this relates to our respective roles as husband and wife. Build an emotionally intelligent marriage; what you need to know about your spouse and his/her needs and why.

SESSION 3: Building Intimacy ... beyond the bedroom

Learning the importance of building intimacy as a couple in ordinary daily living; marital intimacy is not confined to isolated experiences of romanticism during occasional dates or holidays. It is the sharing of “the deep me” with “the deep you” in the everyday life of a couple.

Moving from the “I” to the “We”; learning to make decisions based on what’s best for “us” instead of what’s best for “me”. God is the Third Partner that helps the husband and wife to direct/channel their passionate energies into life giving energy.

SESSION 4: In Laws ... not the monsters they are made out to be

How do we grow to love our in-laws and yet retain that critical independence as a couple?

The first psychological task of becoming a couple is to separate emotionally from one’s family of origin. Understand the emotional needs of your spouse arising from his/her family history and learn how to be supportive in helping your spouse to become psychologically independent.

Practical tips on how the husband and wife can build ties with in-laws. What can we learn from the elderly.

SESSION 5: Caring & Communicating ... communicating that you care

In this session you will learn about “the Seven Caring Habits”. Learn how to be supportive in a proactive and positive way and to show appreciation to your spouse in ways that build the confidence and self- esteem of the other.

Learn how to communicate about the most sensitive and difficult issues of your relationship without feeling threatened and angry. Learn all about active listening and how it can fulfill one of the most important needs of your spouse ... to be listened to.

SESSION 6: Sex in His City ... discovering the joys of marital sex

God created sex to be fun and pleasurable but sex has been misunderstood, trivialized and desecrated in modern society. Guiltily the Church, has until recent years not been illuminating and has looked upon marital sex as a less than holy pursuit resulting in a false prudishness about sex and sexuality. There has been little Good News about sex until Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Learn to experience the fullness of your sexuality, and the power to be a gift to the other person, free from the compulsion of lust. Experience your sexuality as a gift from God. Learn practical tips on how to be a great lover through communication, tenderness and responsiveness. Recognize the major challenges to your sexual health; the false attractiveness of affairs and the demands of family life, and learn about how to protect your marriage.

SESSION 7: Covenantal Marriages .. when the going gets tough, the tough don't run away

Couples in marriage in the 21st century are an endangered species. This session examines in greater depth the fundamental beliefs/teachings of a Christian marriage and what it takes to live out such a promise in these challenging times. How often have we heard it: “My spouse is here to make me happy. If I am not happy, I should be free to leave him/her in order to seek greater happiness for myself elsewhere”.

Just how far are you prepared to go in order to mend your marriage and make it work? How can you ensure that your marriage will endure crisis and emerge even more vibrant and passionate. Learn what it is that we have committed ourselves to in a covenantal marriage; to living a life of intimate partnership. Learn how to deal with conflicts by not allowing it to fester.

SESSION 8: Couple Spirituality ... leadership in spousal relationships

The focus of this session is not about how often we go to Church or worship God together. Learn about “Integrated Marital Spirituality” where couples are practical and they have made their lives a success . . . They know that life can be very complex and they do not face it with an exaggerated sense of their own capability. They have developed the capacity to be sensitive to the voice of God and surrender when the invitation comes to them.

Learn about the leadership role of the husband; it requires a closer walk with the Lord and honoring and respecting one’s spouse. Learn the important life skill of “allowing your spouse to influence you”.

SESSION 9: Giving Life ... being co-creators with God

In this day and age, the thought of having a child is“frightening” for many people . . . it is like taking a walk into the great unknown . . . undertaking risks and responsibilities that our minds are unable to handle. Yet, by your wedding promise to accept children lovingly from God, you said YES to the awesome task of cooperating with God in the creation of human life, a task that calls upon great faith, courage and generosity on your part. Experience children as a blessing and dare to be different in a world that is fearful of life.

Learn about the challenges of Fatherhood and why Dads are important. Learn about the primary role of the mother in a competitive society where there is an over emphasis on studies and achievement. Understand the secret of unlocking the inherent goodness that is in your kids and keep materialism at bay. Learn how to maintain a long term vision as Christian parents as you embark on the very exciting adventure of parenthood; how to equip yourself to deal with young kids and the issues of their teenage years.


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